Depositphotos_46593945_m-2015Many small–medium size business owners find that access to finance to operate, to grow, or to expand is a real challenge.

A typical family-owned business usually only has two sources of funding – the owners or the bank – and the latter option is generally only available if the owners have “bricks and mortar” security (i.e. their home).

They end up leaning on friends or family or incur substantial debts on credit cards to grow their business. Not only is this a risky way to fund a business, it also limits the growth of many otherwise highly productive businesses that have the potential to contribute significant value and jobs to the economy.

Why Is Bank Finance for Businesses So Difficult?

One reason is the standard criterion for commercial lending doesn’t meet funding requirements of small businesses. Particularly when you consider the relatively small transaction amounts and the lack of security offered.

Another reason is in Australia it’s more attractive for banks to provide home loans over small business lending.

How High Growth Entrepreneurs Obtain Funding

Thankfully this stifling situation has changed for the better with the growth of a “savvy” entrepreneurial culture and emergence of viable options to bank finance, in recent years.

“The research and real-life experiences of fast growth companies and their leaders have helped change the culture of entrepreneurship in Australia… They (entrepreneurs) are much more savvy in how to start up a business, less risk averse. They’re willing to get finance from different sources.”
The evolution of Australia’s entrepreneurial culture: 25 years of BRW Fast 100

Benefits of the New Era Business Finance Solutions

You’ll find that the Business Finance Products available from FCC are:

  • packaged in a way that makes business sense to your operational and growth needs
  • secured, but without “bricks and mortar” strangleholds
  • quite competitively priced.

Do Your Own Due Diligence

If you’d like to do some “due diligence” and see if there are any real benefits for your business – contact us now.

We’ll be happy to review your current arrangements and see if our innovative business funding solutions would be better for you . . . or not.

We’re completely transparent. If we think that you’ll be no better off, we’ll let you know immediately.