Your Staff Are Critical to Your Success

Staffing issues are often cited as the biggest headache for Business Owners, and can escalate and cause serious damage if ignored.


Sometimes you might not be even aware that there are problems – you just know that the business is not performing as it needs to. There are two key areas which must be managed effectively for your team members to stay engaged and motivated.

Your Team Culture


Often staff don’t perform to expectations because of the workplace environment. Underlying issues might be

  • Value: They feel left out of things and their opinions or suggestions are not sought or given consideration. This may be unintentional – but it can have a big impact on their motivation and commitment.
  • Conflict: They are experiencing conflicts with other staff members or managers and these issues are affecting their performance.
  • Recognition: The company culture doesn’t encourage creativity or reward initiative.

These are just some of the typical issues we’ve uncovered during our confidential Cultural Audit process. If left unresolved, they can fester and affect everyone.

We provide recommendations and assistance with resolving issues and building a culture where everyone is happy, enthusiastic and aligned with your corporate goals and values.

Your HR Process


From the day a new employee starts, to the day they leave or retire, you are required to comply with a range of HR processes. Failure to manage the HR administrative side of things could put your business at risk legally and financially.

Common admin issues that can cause staff discontent include:

  • Errors with payroll or HR entitlements.
  • Lack of a performance review process to provide feedback and facilitate training and personal growth.
  • No formal processes to deal with bullying or harassment.
  • Non-compliance with workplace health and safety standards

We assist with ensuring your business is fully compliant in every area, and make it easy manage it all with our cloud based HR technology. It relieves the administrative burden and automates the mundane processes to give you back hours in every day.

“There are 2 things that people want more than sex or money: recognition and praise”
Cosmetics founder Mary Kay Ash

If you’d like a confidential chat about improving your staff performance
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How We Can Help

We provide help to Business Owners in two key areas:

  1. Team Performance: We help with identifying issues and implementing strategies and systems to fix them quickly. We have a proven process which ensures your employees talk to us candidly about their fears, frustrations, understanding and aspirations – culminating in a confidential and objective assessment of areas that are working well and potential problems that need to be addressed. Our goal is to help you to eliminate issues which are affecting productivity and performance and build a supportive team of people who are happy, skilled, motivated and tasked to achieve your corporate objectives.
  2. HR Management: We provide cloud based Human Resource Management Software solutions that make it easy for you to say goodbye to paperwork, so long to spreadsheets, and see you later to out-dated legacy systems. Forever. We guarantee that your administrative burden will evaporate and you’ll be compliant with everything you need to be. You’ll have real-time reports and insightful HR analytics at your fingertips. Our goal is to give you back time to focus on the priorities that really add value, like business strategy and connecting with your employees.

If you’d like a confidential chat about improving your staff performance
and HR administration call (03) 8459 2106 or request a call back