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Our Advisory Board of independent business leaders will help you develop the vital foundations for sustainable growth.

Most SME owners and senior executives wrestle with the challenges of how best to innovate, increase market share and grow a profitable (and sustainable) business in today’s fast changing and highly competitive environment.

Stepping away from day to day operations to focus on the bigger picture takes discipline and commitment.  Developing the right strategies involves analysis of many factors, some of which are can be outside the executives’ sphere of knowledge or skill sets.

Where to find the right expertise and advice

When it comes to shaping the company’s future, management need information and advice that they can rely on.  Traditionally options have included to go it alone, to join Executive roundtables, to establish a Governance Board or to employ a business coach.

Now there’s a better option – a tailor made Advisory Board

An Advisory Board consist of advisors who are not legally bound to the organisation, are entrepreneurial with a proven track record and specific experience and/or skill sets. They provide strategic and independent thinking, covering skills or sectors that the business owner/manager themselves may not have experience in.

As an accredited Advisory Board Chair, Divyesh Nathoo of Twin Consulting provides an Advisory Board service which supports business owners to gain clarity in operational thinking while maintaining a long term focus on their strategy.  The role can include:

  • Chairing the Advisory Board and assisting with member selection and process implementation
  • providing fresh insights and thinking on emerging or unfamiliar issues
  • contributing to strategic planning
  • responding to ideas from management
  • playing devil’s advocate and supplying high quality objective advice to support decision-making
  • facilitating introductions to networks and expertise to assist with development and implementation

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How an Advisory Board Differs From a Traditional Governance Board

A common concern is that a Board will dilute the control an owner or manager has, act as an obstruction to decision making and will be a financial burden on the business. These are valid concerns and need to be addressed when considering whether a Board is right for your business.

Traditional Governance Boards

  • Fiduciary appointed Directors responsible for the governance of the organisation on behalf of stakeholders
  • Decision making model
  • Minimum of 7 Board Members
  • Establishment costs – ~ $35,000*
  • Chairperson – $4000 – $10,000 a month plus expenses*
  • Director – $2,500 – $50,000 a month, plus expenses*

* AICD, Company Directors Journal March 2016

Tailor Made Advisory Boards

Flexible and situation dependant.

  • Independent Chairperson who meets with CEO monthly
  • Advisory Board Meetings 4 times a year
  • 5 – 7 Members of the Advisory Board, (e.g 1 independent Chair, 2 external advisors and 2 internal representatives)
  • Chairperson from $2,000 a month
  • $1,000 – $5,000 per meeting for advisors depending on expertise required and time involved)

When an Advisory Board brings extraordinary value

Growth Opportunities

The Advisory Board “peer” environment is dynamic and highly impactful. The advisors are chosen for their practical, hands on experience and can increase a CEO’s awareness and understanding of opportunities and how best to exploit them.

International Expansion

Opportunity is knocking to push the global boundaries, as “Brand Australia” is well regarded internationally. Business owners can benefit from working collaboratively with advisors with market and cultural knowledge, contacts, due diligence experience and deal negotiations.

Succession Planning

Whether a family business is guiding the next generation, an investor is looking to corporatise a family business, or an owner is looking for an exit or management buyout, succession planning is imperative. Succession planning is a structured process that generally takes 18 months to 3 years to implement.

Situation Management

Advisory Boards can be a vehicle to address specific issues when they arise. Business turnaround, critical incidents, and unprecedented events can be triggers to the establishment of an Advisory Board to help the company to contain, manage and flourish.

When a business is on a growth path, in transformation or change, there will come a time when appointing an Advisory Board is a natural step. This poses a challenge for an entrepreneurial CEO or family business that is used to keeping everything close at hand. It also has costs associated with it. But if structured well, the return on investment can far outweigh the cost.

Why They Add Value – A Case Study

Over 10 years ago, our growth plans were ambitious so I decided to operate with an Advisory Board to steer growth and provide me with a level of accountability. I wanted my boundaries to be tested by a group of advisors I trusted and respected. Without giving away power and authority, I was still in control of decisions whilst having the depth of critical thinking and problem solving behind me. I could leverage their experience, judgment and contacts. The Board was made up of an external Chair and two advisors, meeting quarterly. The Chair met with me monthly to ensure I stayed on track. It is important to have an external Chair, because the advisors and the CEO need to be held accountable. The interesting thing with an Advisory Board is that they are with you for the full lifecycle of the business. They were pivotal in the growth of the Australian market, building of our international strategy as well as preparing and navigating the exit strategy.” Louise Broekman, Founder, HR Coach Network of over 130 franchisees

If you’d like a confidential chat about the next stages of your business journey
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