About Twin Consulting

Divyesh Nathoo

Divyesh Nathoo, Principal

Self-promotion doesn’t sit well with me.  But I believe if you’re going to seek the services of someone to help you in your business, you really need to know who they are and where their values lie.  So this page provides a brief outline of who I am and what I believe in. Hopefully this will resonate with you and we will be fortunate enough to work with you in the future.

My road to business success

I was born in Durban in South Africa and married my childhood sweetheart Arika and we have two wonderful kids, Karina and Arman.

I started a business providing clothing and products to nomadic people from Northern Africa who’d travel down to Durban to replenish their stocks and return north to sell to locals and tourists.  We’d open in the early hours of the morning and welcome the tired travellers with refreshments and facilities and give them the opportunity to shop before normal business hours.  We believe that the extra care we showed our customers is what set us apart from our competitors and was fundamental to our success.

We expanded the business by developing into vertical links in the “supply chain”.  We went into manufacturing and expanded into importing and wholesale distribution.

We also identified a niche to produce and supply products specifically for the African beauty industry, and so we built a chain of retail outlets catering for the growing market.  During this time I also studied for an MBA at the Natal University Business School, majoring in corporate strategy.

I loved our lifestyle and the thrill of building our businesses in South Africa, however with the downturn in the African economy, exorbitant interest rates, devaluing of the rand and increasing crime it became quite difficult to sustain our businesses, let alone continue to expand and grow.  It was time to seek other opportunities, so we emigrated to the wonderful lucky country – Australia – in 2001.

The thrill of challenging

In Australia, we started off with a sports retail business and after 3 years also started a successful green-field recruitment and labour hire business. Whilst in the labour hire business I had the opportunity to meet many Medium Sized Business Owners who not only helped me, but interestingly wanted my help with their businesses.

Before long I realised that I was enjoying this shift to a “mentoring and consulting” role, perhaps more than running my own businesses.   I get a real thrill out of challenging and guiding others – particularly in the area of creating the right corporate culture and environment for business growth.

When I’m not working you’ll find me on the golf course with friends (many of whom are clients), or hiking in the bush or training and competing in long distance cycling events.  I continually set myself new personal challenges and encourage my clients to do the same.

So why work with us?

Here’s a few more reasons why you might like to contact us.

I’ve walked the talk.  There are many “Business Consultants” in the marketplace who claim to be experts.   Few have built successful business themselves – most are ex-employees from the corporate sector. They hide behind text book management theory and provide expensive advice, but have little hands on experience in implementation and personal accountability.  As you can see from my potted history above – I’ve “walked the talk” many times over.

You’re hiring a team of experts – not just one.  I learned early on that it is impossible to be an expert at everything.  Not only is it impossible, it’s also not desirable.  You end up having a little knowledge about lots of things and no honed skill or passion for anything.  Instead I concentrate on what I’m good at and surround myself with a team whom excel in the things I can’t do.

Your success is my success.  If I can’t help you transform your business and achieve your finance, HR and growth goals, then what does that say about me?